bags for fashionable people

Being stylish is very important for both men and women. From the outfit they wear to the shoes and now to the bags they will carry. There are different stylish pouches and shoulder bags but what about for your baggage or may be laptop? Well, think no more because there are different styles of rolling briefcases and rolling laptop cases to choose from. Here are some examples of Rolling Laptop cases:
Chicago 73585 Detachable-Wheeled Laptop Overnight with Removable Brief This particular style is perfect for people who travel around with their 17” laptop. It has 2-in-1 detachable wheel and handle system. It also has front zipper where you can put media devices such as cell phones, charger, pens or even your business cards. The front compartment can be used as overnighter and be the storage of electronic device. Middle compartment on the other hand can hold important documents such as paper work. This middle compartment also has detachable laptop briefcase in case you need to leave the baggage and just need the laptop. Back compartment is safe place to protect your 17” laptop because this laptop briefcase uses high tech ABS honeycomb frame. With all these features you can be sure that your laptop is being protected while you travel around and the good thing is this bag is spacious enough to carry other important things for your business. Fashionable yet very useful.
Damen 80714 Detachable-Wheeled Laptop Case Another design that is suitable for professionals who travel around with their laptops plus paper work. This design has 2-in-1 detachable wheel and handle system with front zipper that can store important things such as mobile phones or keys. The best features of this laptop case are the following: it has weatherproof cover and non-slip, shock-absorbing shoulder strap to lessen the pain or body strain you will while carrying this bag. This is truly perfect for men who like to carry their bags on their shoulder instead of using the wheel feature of the bag.
Glen Ellyn 94361 Green Leather Detachable-Wheeled Women’s Case It features detachable wheel and handle system with a quick access in the front pocket but you do not have to worry about the security because this front pocket is safe with key lock so you can place important things here such as cell phones, or even your wallet. Your laptop is secured too because this bag uses ABS honeycomb frame to protect the laptop inside. Fashionable women will surely appreciate this particular style of laptop case because it comes in different colors. Also they can now travel around in style despite the need to carry laptop and other important things for their business trip.
The following styles of rolling laptop cases surely add fashionable sense for the people who travel with necessary gadgets like laptops, mobile phones and other media devices. The best thing about these bags is the combination of style and functionality. If you are travelling anytime soon and you need to carry laptop with you then these bags will definitely make your life easier.